Hiya! Can you help a sister out?
Please help me narrow down which is the best gift to give.
I know you're busy. The survey will only take you about five minutes to fill out, I promise.
Sure, I'll help.
I really value your opinion, so thanks so much for taking this survey. Please note that I will uphold your privacy and your answers will not be shared to a third party.

I want to get to know you a bit better through this survey. I would also like be able to give you gifts on my blog. I'm all about giving good gifts that
a) you will like/love.
b) you will  use.
C) you will want to tell others about.

The questions to follow will help me narrow down what that awesome FREE gift will be.

Tell Me A Bit About You

Without being too rude... How old are you? *

What is your current marital status? *

How many years of higher education do you have? *

What is your current employment status? *

I have a blog called cablearms.com

Have you heard about the blog? *

If you do know about the blog, which posts do you enjoy reading the most? *

If you picked 'other', please specify: *

Which of the following personality traits would you say best describes my voice as a blogger? *

Which post sticks out the most for you? Why? *

What kind of stories/posts would you like to read more of?

Relationships: Family and Friends

What family/relationship related posts do you want more of? *

Anything specific about relationship/life hacks or tips you want to see? *

Travel |

How often do you travel in a year?

What do you hate most about travel?

What travel tips would you find helpful? *

What stuff about travel would you like to have handy? *

Photography |

Do you like taking photos?

How would you rate yourself as a photographer?

What photography tips would you find helpful? (smartphone photography) *

What photography tips would you find helpful? (DSLR photography) *

Would you pay for a short e-book or e-course on photography?

If the photography e-book would be helpful to you. How much would you be willing to pay for it?

Can you expand a bit on your price point preference?

Anything else you'd like to suggest? *

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